Reporting a Concern

How to Report Concerns

If you have a concern you should report it to your LCFS immediately.

Make sure you keep your concerns confidential. There may be a simple explanation and everyone is entitled to confidentiality during the investigation process.

Take advice from your LCFS before investigating a concern, evidence has to be handled and recorded in a particular way. If you are in possession of any evidence, keep it locked away.

Always avoid approaching the suspect yourself before taking advice from your LCFS.

Alternatively, information about suspected fraud or corruption can be reported to the Director of Finance or Chief Financial Officer, or free of charge to the national NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line: 0800 028 40 60. Reports can also be made via the NHS fraud reporting website.

Your assurances

All investigation undertaken will be conducted with utmost confidentiality. The investigations are governed by the same legislation as the police service, therefore the standards required and procedures are almost identical.

No member of staff raising an issue in good faith will be at risk from any form of retribution from their employer.

Reducing fraud and corruption is everyone’s responsibility; please help the Local Counter Fraud Specialist to help you.

Further information can be found on the NHS Counter Fraud Authority website.

Each organisation will have a Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy which should be available on the relevant website or intranet site.

More fraud information: