Useful websites

Throughout the site there are a number of signposted web-links. They have been gathered together here for ease of finding, along with others that may be useful.

While all links are shared in good faith, the Fraud and Security Management Service take no responsibility for the accuracy of content of any external site, nor for any consequences of acting on such information.

NHS organisations

NHS Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning GroupNHS Clinical Commissioning Group
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustNHS Trust
NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning GroupNHS Clinical Commissioning Group
Solent NHS TrustNHS Trust
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation TrustNHS Trust

Other organisations

NHS Counter Fraud AuthorityHomepage
NHS Counter Fraud AuthorityFraud reporting website
Fraud and Security Management Serviceelearning
GovernmentSteps you can take to keep safe in the rare event of a firearms or weapons attack
HaveibeenpwnedChecking whether your email address is associated with a data leak Fraud Act 2006 Bribery Act 2010
SnopesFact checking suspicious emails and information
Suzy Lamplugh TrustPersonal safety

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