Security Measures at Work

Best Practice

Security is everybody’s responsibility. While the risks affect us all, it is easy to reduce those risks by applying a number of basic everyday common sense precautions to help protect ourselves and our organisation.

Check the following best-practice list and see how security conscious you and your team are.

  • Report all incidents of violence, abuse, theft and criminal damage immediately. They are never acceptable.
  • All employees should wear identity badges visibly at all times.
  • Always challenge unidentified visitors. Genuine visitors should identify themselves and state the nature of their business. Report any concerns to a manager.
  • Maintain a clear desk policy.
  • Lock offices, windows and store rooms outside normal working hours or when unattended; remember it only takes a minute for a thief to steal your wallet or purse.
  • Ensure that portable items of value and cash are locked away when not in use. Make sure they cannot be seen from outside the window.
  • Don’t remove NHS property from the organisation without permission – this may be treated as theft.
  • Close any secure doors which are being wedged open, this may be allowing unauthorised access to a part of your workplace (i.e. staff rooms, fire doors).

More security management information:

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